I Heart You

Susanna Leonard Hill  : thank you for the opportunity to enter the Valentine’s Day contest for children (ages 12 and down) – with the goal of 214 words tops and someone must be grumpy. I took that goal and told a true story that happened in our class when I was a girl… What Valentine’s Day IS all about… Here is my entry for the contest: I Heart You by Anne Hendricks, 2016.

I Heart You

On Valentine’s Day, we celebrate each year

A day for love, friends, and cheer

More than candy, cards, and cutouts

Beau taught me what the day was about!


Our teacher’s rule before our fun

“A Valentine’s Day card must be given to everyone

Hand-made or bought

Remember, it’s all in the thought!”


Nancy cried out “I heart you,’ and showed all to see

“Beau wants to GO with me!”

Megan began to grow grumpy and got into a fit

“His card HEARTS ME, you nitwit!”


I opened Beau’s card with his “I heart you”

He wrote the same too!

Did he like me, in that way, kissy, huggy, or mushy

Every girl in class had opened hers and were yelling, arguing, or blushing!


Beau stood up and said

Quietly shaking his blonde head

“I heart you isn’t liking a girl in a special way

Or saying something silly this famous day.”


“Preacher talked about God’s love

His message from above

When I heart you, don’t you see?

Jesus died loving you – and me – at Calvary!”


Silence fell as down I gazed

At the red heart-shaped card Beau had made

Forever, I would treasure his Valentine’s truth

The day I learned, “I heart you.”



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5 Responses to I Heart You

  1. Audrey says:

    I love the message!!! We should all always feel loved because we are children of God!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Gabi Snyder says:

    Nice story about a very big kind of love.


  3. What a lovely message, so important to remember! God loves all His children, on Valentines Day and every day. Thank you for this sweet and original story, Anne, and for joining in the contest!


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