Thank God for Lent: Goodbye Southpaw (For Now!)


People always say: Give up food, TV, etc. for Lent! With Celiac Disease, I already have nothing really exiting to eat in my life, I’m already off TV and  I don’t drink Mountain Dews anymore…

So what am I giving up for Lent?


I wrote 50,000 plus words for my NaNoWriMo for 2015 – and it was not fiction- but a nonfiction collective biography for middle/high school grades.  I am so involved into it! The name? Southpaw  (honestly, the Guy Edition ).   I tabled Southpaw in December to get my debut novel,   A Woman’s Choice (excuse me, time for the link: Since then, I have thrown myself into kids lit – ironic that I was once children’s librarian – and learning how to WRITE like a kids lit author. I did one contest, one manuscript, and reading kids lit every day. I also got Twitter Pitch tomorrow – and I so wanted to get SouthPaw done – but it didn’t happen.

However, my 2015 NaNoWriMo, Southpaw, became an obsession when January hit. I had to get this manuscript edited – this time, being nonfiction, I could do my own, but I found myself in rewrites upon rewrites after the editing was completed. I stayed awake at night – late. My nights and days were off. Other things began to creep in and my focus became off. I also had issues about going indie with Southpaw or pitching it – I decided to do both – and that was a further headache.

In short, the manuscript was driving me nuts. It was my passion – yes! However, it was becoming a headache at the same time.

Today is the big day to make a sacrifice on something important in our lives for Lent. I had not decided what to “give up for Lent.” I sat down on my laptop to post my weekly blog and it was obvious what my Lent “sacrifice” would be when the resentment, frustration, and obligation took over my chest.

I could not give up Southpaw for Lent! Am I nuts? I have a deadline to meet!

Yet the moment the idea came over me, I felt peace.

Are we allowed to give up something we obsess over for Lent? YES!

Are we allowed to give up something we must do for Lent that teaches us a lesson? YES!

“Give it up!” was the voice of my conscience.

“Do you know how many weeks that will be?” I said out-loud.

However, the decision was made. The decision is made. Southpaw is tabled. I got the manuscript off my PC, put on a cloud, and gave the jump-drive copy to a family member. It’s GONE – the only temptation is the cloud copy.

I feel between horrible and relieved: juxtaposed feelings on my Lent’s sacrifice. I know, in the end, I will come back ready to refocus and tackle the job of  rewrites in Southpaw (and figure out the direction it needs to go!).


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