Moe the Dog In Tropical Paradise: The Perfect Winter Read!


Moe the Dog In Tropical Paradise by Diane Stanley was my #1 winter book I adored to read in storytime as a librarian – but today, I took it apart as a kids lit author… And found myself smiling. Librarian’s hunches are always right: glad I already knew that!

Arlene and Moe are not happy in the winter weather. Oh, the weather is cold – and it’s horrible! They can’t afford a trip to a tropical paradise, devoid of winter’s chill and snow, but Moe gets an idea: he’ll create tropical paradise! With some ingenuity and hard work, he does it – and Arlene enjoys the vacation. The book concludes they may go to Egypt since they already has the sand…

The illustrations are beautiful – the storyline is creative – and in the end, you go from your own winter doldrums to wanting to be on Moe’s “beach.” This book is another genius from Diane Stanley. If you don’t know who she is, find out. She’s at Moe the Dog In Tropical Paradise by Diane Stanley will always be the read to fight my own winter blues – I wished I could subcontract Moe to create my own tropical paradise!

FOUR SCORES to this oldie, but goodie! ****
Moe has gotten a few awards: Publisher’s Weekly‘s “Cuffies,” Honorable Mention, Most Memorable Character in a Leading Role
Featured as an animated segment of Shelly Duvall’s Bedtime Stories on the Showtime Network
Nominee for the Nevada Young Readers’ Award
Starred review, Publisher’s Weekly


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