Storystorm, 2017!


My friend, Tara Lazar, works so hard on encouraging children’s authors and illustrators. She has launched Storystorm for 2017 – and I am so excited. I have participated in PiBoIdMo for two years – so this is my third year of participation – but it use to be in November.

Now, Storystorm, PiBoIdMo’s new name, is in January…

It is NOT to late to sign up! Go to Tara’s website, and sign up!

To quote Tara, “The new name signals a broader scope—any type of writer interested in being inspired in January can now join the challenge. Novelists, short story writers, non-fiction authors and even teachers and their students are welcomed. Any writer, anyone who wants to brainstorm for a month. The goal is for STORYSTORM participants to jot down 30 story ideas in January. Then everyone will have thirty new shiny ideas to ponder, flesh out and write in 2017.”

I’m so excited… I just can’t hide it…



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