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Gail Gibbons Nails It! Happy Groundhog Day!

Learning to do this type of video review with story, but until then: Debra Diegmann rocks. Here is my pick for the week, GOUNDHOG DAY by Gail Gibbons.

Gail Gibbons has been writing for children for years, but her ability to communicate nonfiction subjects via a variety of text and amazing illustrations give the children the knowledge of a huge array of topics. Today, her book GROUNDHOG DAY is my choice to review and please know I pulled this book for years to teach about this fun holiday. WHO ELSE BUT GAIL GIBBONS?!

My review: She wrote the #1 Groundhog Day nonfiction book! There is no other that captures 100% than Gail Gibbons! Simple, beautiful, easy-to-read, and it flows.


groundhog day

Check Gail Gibbons out:

Check out Debra’s video on GROUNDHOG DAY:

Thank you, Debra. Thank you, Gail. Thank you, GROUNDHOGS for good news! Spring will come!